4/22/2010 - Driver Notification Letters

Violation Letters

You can now print violation letters from the web. On the "Notifications" tab, select the company you are printing for and hit the Print button. We will search for all violations that have not previously been noted on a letter to the driver and print them in a letter format.

The letters will be formatted as a PDF file. You can either print this file directly to your printer or you can save the file to your computer and print the letters at a later time.

Note, the first time you run this report from RapidLog Reports, it will print all violations, even if you previously printed letters from RapidLog On Demand.

Status Letters

Status letters can contain one of the four following categories:

  • Company Anniversary
  • Birthday
  • Violation Free (Congratulations)
  • Important Dates (i.e. Driver's License expiration)

As with Violation Letters, pick the company for which you wish to print letters. Next select a date range to print. Decide which sections you want to print on your letters and click the Print button. As with Violation letters, you can either print or save the file.

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