6/13/2010 - Sorting Reports

Driver Order Added

Until now, the only sorting options available for reports on RapidLog Reports was the Company, Region, Terminal order for major groupings. As of today this feature, called Sort Order is being changed to Group By as this is a better description.

In addition, the option to change the order of the details within each group is now available. This is designated as Driver Order and the following selections are available:

  • Driver Name
  • ID Number
  • Best to Worst
  • Worst to Best

Note that for some reports, "best to worst" and "worst to best" have no meaning or are not yet supported so these will not be available. Please let us know if there is a sorting or grouping option you would like to see made available.

Combining the grouping levels with the detail sort levels allows for a great deal of flexibility when running reports on your drivers.


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