8/18/2010 - Update RapidLog and RapidLog Pro

RapidLog Pro final import

After you resolve the conflicts in RapidLog Pro, they will be automatically imported into RapidLog. No need to go into RapidLog and do the "Pro Import" step any longer.

The "Pro Import" option in RapidLog will be removed in the next release.

Violations in conflict step

Now you can assign violations during the conflict step in RapidLog Pro.

EOBR import now clears missing log violation

When you import EOBR data over the top of missing logs, the violation now gets automatically cleared.

Driver ID Numbers now limited to 9 characters

Id Numbers are limited to 9 characters. This fixed a problem in the conflict step where you couldn't finish a batch.

Fixed recap display issue with EOBR data

The recap is now limited to 2 decimals for EOBR data.

Separated driver license number and state into their own fields.

To prepare for the CSA2010 import, we have separated the driver license and state into their respective fields. The original driver license number (if it exists, will display below the new fields.)

Removed the GPS import option

GPS import is automated and imports files from the FTP. (coming soon...)

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